Friday, December 31, 2010

The Burren

The Burren

Here's another Ireland photo - The Burren. It was something that I started back in the summer and left it for a while - finished it off today. You can see there's a big crease in the drawing - it's been sitting around out in the open for a while. As well, the printout of the photo is cut off at the bottom. Don't think I'll frame this one.

Baby Matthew

Baby Matthew

This is a drawing of my nephew. The photo was taken the day he was born. I used art pencils and a sketch pad for this one. Not sure how long it took - I worked on it for a couple days in October - the outlining - and then didn't work on it again until a couple of days ago - the shading. I plan on buying a frame for it and will give it to my brother and sister in law.

Update: The photo on the very bottom is of the final drawing ... I did a couple small touchups before framing it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kyle's West Coast Trip

This was my first acrylic painting on canvas. It is from a panoramic photo Kyle took while on his West Cost Bike Trip. I worked on the painting on and off for about two weeks, and finished it July 19th. The plan is to have my dad make a frame for it.

The first picture below is of the photo, and the following two are of the painting itself.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Here is my first completed drawing. It's from a picture that I took of the Monastic site in Glendalough (Ireland). The drawing was done with a school pencil on sketch pad. I worked on it over the course of June 2010, on and off, and had it framed towards the end of June.

Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of it prior to the framing so I couldn't get in a good shot. The first picture below is the actual photo.